Dr Torsten Heinrich* Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany  Until January 2022
Dr Sam Knapfo* University of Sussex  Until January 2022
Dr Nina Kaltenbrunner* University of Leeds  Until January 2022
Prof Maria Lissowska  Warsaw School of Economics, Poland  Until January 2023
 Dr Charlie Dannreuther*  University of Leeds, UK  Chairperson  Until January 2023
Prof Wilfred Dolfsma Wageningen University, The Netherlands  Until January 2023
 Dr Andrea Bernardi*  Oxford Brookes University, UK  Secretary  Until January 2024
Dr Maria Nikolaidi University of Greenwich, UK  Until January 2023
Prof Oliver Kessler  University of Erfurt, Germany  Treasurer  Until January 2024

* Resident of England or Wales.

According to Charity Commission rules, at least five FEED Trustees must be residents of England or Wales.